With only 4 months to go the compliance clock for ESOS is ticking down rapidly but market activity still appears to be very mixed. Last month:

  • The Environment Agency issued a second warning to those who qualify under the ESOS Scheme, as 73% of companies who qualify are yet to start mandatory audits and 61% still need to appoint a lead assessor.
  • Reports showed that 88 companies must comply every single day in order to meet the deadline and avoid a fine. With there being only 750 Lead Assessors, each assessor would need to complete 2 audits per week until December.
  • While at the same time success stories are already starting to come through.

Are you are one of the companies who haven’t started yet, or are you still at the early stages of the process? If so, don’t waste your precious remaining time with spreadsheets, there are a number of software solutions out there which can aid you in collecting, analysing and storing the data you need.

If you’re not sure what the data requirement for ESOS are check out the blog I wrote for 2Degrees back in April: “The dos and don’ts of managing the data requirements of ESOS.”

While, my latest Blog at 2Degrees gives you 5 ‘time saving’ reasons on why when it comes to ESOS you should skip the spreadsheets: “ESOS: 5 Reasons to Skip the spreadsheets”

Sign up for tomorrow’s webinar here: ESOS 4 Months To Go: Software Vs Spreadsheets, Wednesday 5th August 2015, 2-2.45pm.

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