The latest instalment of the IPCC report on Climate Change was recently released, attracting much less attention than the previous report a few years ago.  This lack of attention is an ominous sign.  The main issue arising in the report being that governments across the world need to do much more to mitigate Climate Change.

Here is what our Founder and Managing Director Don McLean has to say on the report…

IPCC Logo“What’s interesting to me is that IPCC has now added ‘Climate Change adaptation’ to its terminology as well as ‘mitigating’, thus admitting that, whether we like it or not, the world is going to experience some level of Climate Change. Currently the target is to keep within two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, however this is the level that many observers have stated that if reached will result in severe consequences for both people and the environment.”

“Since the last IPCC report we have seen dramatic change in the amount of fossil fuels available. At the release of the last report countries had concern over the peak oil, energy security and the increasing costs of fossil fuels. Today, through the emergence of new technology and the discovery of massive resources of fossil fuels that can be accessed through processes such as fracking and underground coal gasification, many countries now have sufficient fossil fuel resources to last them for centuries. It would be reasonable to conclude that the necessity for governments to react to Climate Change will be diminished, and as a consequence the only real driver in reducing our use of fossil fuels is Climate Change. Time will tell if governments will continue to set targets to reduce carbon emissions, but there is a real possibility if they don’t we will have to consider adaptation policies for much higher than a two degrees global temperature rise.”

“The next few years will be critical for governmental actions as the world economies emerge from recession and we see rapid economic growth in not just the BRIC countries but also the MINT countries.  Will we see any reduction in global CO2 emissions before the next IPCC report is published?  Unfortunately I doubt it.”

For the second year in a row we’re pretty chuffed to have another one of our solutions shortlisted for the 2degrees Champions Awards. Last year we had IES TaP nominated in the ‘Solution of the Year’ category and this year our Smart-Building Energy Management tool, IES-SCAN, has been shortlisted for ‘Innovation of the Year’. So [...]

Glasgow Future City

Posted : February 21, 2014 by John G

There’s no doubt 2014 is going to be a big year for Glasgow; the Commonwealth Games, the MTV Europe Awards, the Ryder Cup and the Independence Referendum. But 2014 is also the year that Glasgow gets ‘smart’… At the start of 2013, Using because probably canadian pharmacy alesse wyeth eyelids both it and products [...]

Those are the words of former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson. I think Mike could have been reflecting on how planning gets you half way there, but it’s the ability to then manage and adapt your plan that ultimately determines success. But then again; maybe he was just talking about punching people in [...]

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When our team arrives in Philadelphia next week, they’ll be marking IES’s 10th year in a row at Greenbuild. In that time we’ve created a bunch of tools to streamline and assist the LEED certification process, we’ve covered 3 versions of the system {US, Canada and India}, we’ve become a LEED Automation Partner, we’ve been [...]

IESVE for Architects – Site Analysis

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IESVE for Architects – Getting Started

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To coincide with the official launch of the IESVE for Architects package, we’ll be posting a series of micro blogs over the next couple of weeks to help users get set up to test drive the package with our free 30 day trial and see the impact it can have on sustainable design. First let’s [...]

Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA – also known as embodied environmental impact) are becoming increasingly more widespread as large corporations mandate these standards in their building requirements as part of CSR initiatives. The evolution of LEED & BREEAM credits in these arenas is also promoting its importance. With this in mind [...]

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