Consulting: The little secret behind successful green buildings

Posted : July 23, 2010 by , Category: BIM, Environment, Sustainability

According to Wikipedia, “Sustainable Building Consulting is a practice or service where an intermediary party or company is utilized as a way to forecast levels of sustainability during conceptual architectural stages.” In other words, consultants are a great way to maximize the sustainable potential of your project while ensuring your company is LEED compliant throughout the entire design process.

With mandates coming from states, cities and the federal government, companies are realizing that green building is no longer a fad, but a way of life. In the recent article, “How to use insurance to handle the risks of building to LEED standards“, Philip Glick stated, “Construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings will represent a significant new market for the construction industry. However, it’s also likely that new risks are being created that can have an impact on the building owners, developers, contractors and design professionals involved in these projects.”

To combat these risks, a company preparing to move or even remodel their current space should utilize a consultant (always make sure this service is offered before signing on the dotted line) – ensuring they are following the most up-to-date standards throughout the entire design process.

An additional benefit of using a consultant is that they can explore the feasibility of potential sustainability strategies at a more in-depth level. Drawing on previous experience and knowledge in the field, sustainable design and LEED to help inform a building’s design, consultants can ensure the design process is successful and cost-effective.

At IES, we have a dedicated group of consultants who are available to instruct building managers and architects using IES’ software from the earliest stage of the design process. Without help, companies are often left to trust their vendors, which might cause issues when trying to obtain LEED or even government green building certifications.

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