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ESOS: Reducing your risk if you’re going to be late

Posted : November 16, 2015 by , Category: Building Operation, Building Regulations, Energy Performance

So the 5th December deadline is now less than 20 working days away! And our conversations with Lead Assessors seem to indicate a last minute rush to sign up Assessors and get projects started.

This rush, perhaps caused by the Environment Agency’s (EA’s) recent communication to all organisations expected to be compliant, seems to suggest that a significant number are going to be taking advantage of the EA advising that it would not normally expect to take enforcement action for late notification received before 29th January 2016. Which essentially, in all but name, extends the deadline until the 29th January 2016.

However, there are a number of conditions attached to this, which those wanting to take advantage of it should be aware of. If companies know they are not going to hit the 5th December deadline they still need to inform the EA before this date and provide key information including details on the appointed Lead Assessor. This should be done via an online portal set up by the EA.

The EA has been very clear “Qualifying organisations that do not complete and notify a compliance assessment by 5 December 2015 will be in breach of the regulations and at risk of enforcement action and penalties. Enforcement action will not normally be taken provided your notification is received by 29 January 2016. For organisations committing to achieving compliance through ISO 50001 certification, enforcement action will not normally be taken as long as notification is received by 30 June 2016.”

They go on to advise organisations to do as much as possible prior to the 5th December deadline and to record details of this in your Evidence pack. The great news is that our software has been reviewed by the EA who have confirmed that they will accept it as part of your Evidence Pack – all they need is a login which we will supply free of charge.

So with only 20 working days to go we hope that you are just finalising everything and getting ready to submit your notification of compliance. However if not then please join us on Thursday 19th October for our latest webinar on ESOS Auditor to find out more about making your ‘intent to comply’ notification and also how our low-cost online ESOS Auditor tool can be used to prove how much you have done before the deadline and therefore mitigate any risk associated with late compliance.

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