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A team of students from Warsaw University of Technology in Poland were last month named the winners of the ‘HVAC System Selection’ category in the 2017 ASHRAE Student Design Competition. IES partnered with the student team to provide free access to its Virtual Environment (VE) software.

The ASHRAE Student Design Competition recognizes outstanding student design projects, encourages undergraduate students to become involved in the profession, promotes teamwork and allows students to apply their knowledge of practical design.

The winning project, PROJECT ISLAND, aimed to design the best HVAC system for a building of a metro station located on one of Diego de Ramirez Islands in Chile, 60 miles from Cape Horn. The students used the IESVE to model the HVAC system and run calculations and dynamic simulations that were compatible with ASHRAE Standards. This included HVAC Loads calculations and solar analysis to measure the amount of PV panels required.

On the project website the team described how they felt about winning the competition…

“We feel honored and proud to be awarded. Getting a first prize in an international, prestigious competition has a truly great meaning for us. It is a valuable, amazing experience. This success is a truly remarkable moment in our student careers.”

The full technical report for Project Island can be downloaded via this link.

On 12th September 2017, CIBSE launched the brand new Society of Digital Engineering (SDE). The society has been formed to provide a community for accreditation, training and career advancement for engineers working digitally across building services. It draws together all players within the supply chain, including designers, contractors, manufacturers, clients, facility managers and software vendors. IES has partnered with CIBSE in a number of capacities over the years, with members of our team serving on the CIBSE BIM Steering Committee and Building Simulation Group. We were proud to be amongst the group of Launch Partners who lent their support in bringing the new society to fruition.

In a recent blog, we addressed some of the challenges (and unfair criticisms) faced by energy modellers today and highlighted the need for further education and in-depth, industry wide accreditation to promote enhanced digital engineering practices that can help eliminate the ‘performance gap’. The formation of the SDE is an important step towards realising these goals, with specialist online courses and knowledge sharing resources designed specifically for those engaged in all aspects of BIM and digital engineering.

Prior to the formation of the SDE, there has been no obvious group or society which brings together all aspects of digital engineering under the one umbrella. The society will provide a forum through which specialists in digital engineering technologies and practices can join together with like-minded peers, while simultaneously offering recognised professional progression through the SDE Associate, Member or Fellow grades. In an industry where digitalisation is ever on the rise, it is important to see that practitioners will be commended for their specialised expertise at a professionally recognised level. The SDE will also provide a new route towards attaining MCIBSE and EC Registration.

CIBSE are currently offering Affiliate grade SDE membership to existing CIBSE members free of charge, with an introductory membership rate also available to non-CIBSE members, up until 31st December 2017.

For further information on the SDE and how you can join visit: http://www.cibse.org/Society-of-Digital-Engineering-SDE


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