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Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC’s) form the basis of the COP21 Paris agreement goal of keeping global temperature rise “well below” 2⁰C above pre-industrial levels.  Nations outline their INDC plans on cutting their post-2020 emissions. There is a legal requirement for these INDC plans to be revised ever five years.  There is no requirement to […]

US President Barack Obama has hailed the COP21 agreement as “the best chance to save the one planet we have”. Who am I to contradict the President of the USA, but I am delighted to tell you that you don’t have to worry about the planet – the Earth will survive global warming. Why do […]

COP21: A Triumph or an Illusion?

Posted : December 21, 2015 by Don

The photos of the delegates with big smiles, applauding and raised arms clearly illustrate that COP21 was a major success.  Delegates went home and could report a major achievement.  It was a massive step forward, achieving a global commitment to significantly reducing carbon emissions thereby substantially reducing the impact of global warming. Should we all […]

Making Smart Cities Affordable

Posted : October 28, 2015 by Don

The challenge isn’t proving the benefits of a smart city. It’s making the concept affordable for cities to implement. Affordable Sustainability Solutions Who wouldn’t want to live in a city where low energy costs, sustainable ways of living and great transport systems attract the best businesses, people and jobs? A city where physically integrating buildings […]

The average car makes thousands of decisions a second on our behalf. Buildings, our most expensive assets, need to catch up. Cars in the 1970s had very little technology. Today, the average car uses lasers, radars, stereo cameras, satellites and even windshield wiper detectors, to constantly figure out the best next course of action, making […]

Why Renewable Energy isn’t the Solution

Posted : March 17, 2015 by Don

Our wasteful use of energy is catching up with us. Environmental disasters which usually happen once every hundred years are happening every year. And climate change, once considered an issue for future generations, has moved firmly into the present. The simple fact is: if we continue to emit heat-trapping gases from the burning of fossil […]

Apathy is worsening Global Warming

Posted : October 24, 2012 by Don

I was dismayed to find out that the Arctic will soon be ice-free during the summer. Did you see this reported in the news? It was probably fairly low key if you did. The map shows where the ice should of been in August and where it is now. In 1980, the Arctic ice in […]

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What's NEXT?

Posted : October 4, 2011 by Don

This year's Greenbuild theme seems particularly appropriate to us. Since our formation in 1994, IES has always been involved in the 'What's NEXT'. Back then, we took academic performance analysis thinking and technology, and created the first commercially viable suite of performance analysis software. Our expert consultants also worked closely with early adopters on its […]

Partnering with SketchUp

Posted : June 2, 2010 by Don

I am delighted to be able to talk publically today about how we’ve formally strengthened our partnership with Google SketchUp to further low-energy sustainable building design. This is such important news that I have abandoned my own blog to write this blog for IES. This is great news for us as a company, our customers, […]

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Based upon my experience and the comments of a number of our more experienced customers I believe Version 6 is about to revolutionise the way performance assessment is conducted as part of the sustainable design process. For IES this is a seminal moment, so you’ll have to excuse us for blowing our own bagpipes! In […]

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