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Energy vs Cost Modelling

Posted : June 20, 2016 by Mark Gifford

I recently conducted an energy survey at a new healthcare facility and a couple of headline numbers jumped out which I thought could do with some further investigation and validation. So the focus of this Post is specifically around the application of Energy vs Cost Modelling within the Building Performance Analysis industry. So here are […]

An Integrative Design Process (IDP) is a collaborative approach to building design which places a strong emphasis on cross-team integration throughout the development process in pursuit of a ‘whole building’ holistic design. But where does it start and what does it really mean? How can the range of IES <VE> software tools be used to […]

How Green is the Desert?

Posted : August 19, 2009 by Mark Gifford

Further to Roger’s blog which provided an overview of green building regulatory schemes and current developments in the Australian market I thought I’d provide a similar update from a Middle East perspective. Historically the Middle East has lagged the Western world in terms of green building initiatives and it has been normal practice for design […]

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