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I had the pleasure of attending the World Future Energy Expo event in Astana, Kazakhstan recently (July 2017). The expo and summit is one of the largest events dedicated to future energy and related technologies. Almost every country and region in the World exhibited their best technologies, projects, case studies, research and progress in renewable energy, energy […]

Can productivity be modelled?

Posted : October 11, 2016 by Naghman Khan

Health, Wellbeing and…. Productivity! Time has come where we can take a closer, empirical and quantifiable look at productivity. Our recent blog and event on Health & Wellbeing (How to do WELL with IES) has generated significant interest and participation from a wide range of stakeholders. Similarly, the Health and Wellbeing movement, including the WELL […]

Do you know what BIG DATA is? You must have heard of it? The exponential growth in the volume, velocity and variety of data generated each second and the corresponding increase in processing power, algorithms and databases which have developed side by side. These databases are used to collate, store, analyse and leverage insights from […]

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