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The latest instalment of the IPCC report on Climate Change was recently released, attracting much less attention than the previous report a few years ago. This lack of attention is an ominous sign. The main issue arising in the report being that governments across the world need to do much more to mitigate Climate Change. […]

For the second year in a row we’re pretty chuffed to have another one of our solutions shortlisted for the 2degrees Champions Awards. Last year we had IES TaP nominated in the ‘Solution of the Year’ category and this year our Smart-Building Energy Management tool, IES-SCAN, has been shortlisted for ‘Innovation of the Year’. So […]

If you have been keeping up to date with our latest news stories you’ll know that we recently had a visit from the renowned Danish expert Jorgen Erik Christensen and two of his Masters students. On Wednesday 25th April Jorgen, Espen and Peder appeared bright and early at our Glasgow Headquarters where they spent the […]

Finally, it has arrived! The long awaited redistribution of points for Core & Shell projects pursuing EAc1 was issued. The USGBC finally acknowledges that “energy neutral” does not benefit projects under the LEED-CS v2.0 rating system. The tenant’s components in the energy model, such as lighting and plug loads, is kept the same in both […]

LEED AP: Continuing Education

Posted : April 7, 2010 by Suzanne

I’ve been considering opting into the new LEED AP program. See my previous post that explained my process of evaluation and final decision… for now. Part of the evaluation included figuring out what was needed to maintain my credentials. If I became a LEED AP BD+C (aka LEED AP with Specialty) I’d have to participate […]

LEED AP disappears in 2011

Posted : March 10, 2010 by Suzanne

Well not really, but it’s potentially been usurped. The GBCI unveiled the new three tiered LEED-AP program last year, and since then, those in the building profession world have been waiting to see how the market responds to figure out what to do next. Myself included. I’ve finally buckled down and figured out what I […]

Recession and LEED

Posted : October 7, 2009 by Suzanne

Who knows where we are in this recession, but some interesting changes are being made in response to it. The USGBC recently announced that the minimum occupancy rate for buildings pursuing LEED-EBOM has been lowered from 75% to 50%. This is in light of the “current market realities that have disqualified an unprecedented number of […]

Reviewing the new Green Building Design and Construction LEED Reference Guide (aka LEED 2009) I found it ‘interesting’ how EQc8.1 Daylight 75% of Spaces has been revamped. I’ve entered the arena of air quotes as I’m torn on whether this latest change will benefit the industry or create a roadblock. First, though, some context: Back […]

Have you heard the latest? Just issued at the end of last month, the USGBC announced that as part of LEED v3, they will be requiring all projects pursuing LEED certification to comply with a new performance requirement. They provide three options for fulfillment: – Recertify the building on a two-year cycle with their existing […]


Posted : February 12, 2009 by Suzanne

Being home for the holidays last month I was struck by how familiar friends and family had become with terminology from our profession. In particular, I was surprised to find I didn’t have to explain what LEED was when talking about projects. This just goes to show how far LEED has come since it was […]

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