We have recently been informed by the CLG that the format of files used for non-domestic EPC and DEC lodgments is to change in 1 month’s time. Furthermore, there is no transition period planned — old EPC and DEC lodgment files will simply no longer be active after the switchover date.

All Accreditation Schemes will stop taking EPC submissions created by software using versions of SBEM/EPCGen earlier than the soon to be released v3.3c. This means that Accredited Energy Assessors will have to update their EPC and DEC software to a version able to produce the new xml lodgment files, even if they are in the middle of a project.

Energy Assessors need to plan ahead to make sure that they can maintain business continuity and minimize disruption, but the short timescale might mean that the new software is not available until right before the deadline. A new version of SBEM is due early April and IES will be working flat out to update its SBEM, DSM and DEC software in time. However, we are still waiting for the release of final details and anticipate that we will be left with a period of around 2 weeks (including Easter) to amend, test, gain CLG approval and distribute the new version to our users! We’re making every possible arrangement to ensure we meet this 25th April deadline.

The switchover date is pretty firmly set as Saturday 25th April.

IES have asked CLG for a transitional period and we hope that this will be accepted in order to allow our customers, and other Energy Assessors, to changeover at the time that suits them. However, initial discussions have not been promising on this front.

David McEwan — IES UK Director

There is a growing concern from many in the industry that competent surveyors might be banned from collaborating with accredited Energy Assessors on the creation of commercial EPCs. CLG recently issued a widely distributed draft directive to the Accreditation Schemes relating to the department’s concerns about the use of data gathers. This was in response […]

Who says engineers and architects don’t get along? In a class that I am assistant teaching this Spring semester, along with Andreas Savvides AIA, AICP of Boston Architectural College and Alan Quinn of Sasaki Associates, Inc., Masters and Bachelors of Architecture students have been teamed with Worchester Polytechnic Institute cost estimating students to evolve their […]


Posted : February 12, 2009 by Suzanne

Being home for the holidays last month I was struck by how familiar friends and family had become with terminology from our profession. In particular, I was surprised to find I didn’t have to explain what LEED was when talking about projects. This just goes to show how far LEED has come since it was […]

The Plastic Bag

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This time, instead of talking about the VE or SketchUp, I would like to provide some insight into my world outside of work and the passion I have for the environment. This is a project I am currently working on; Ok, the problem is one you all contribute to on a daily basis, perhaps unknowing […]

2010 Imperative

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The “Green Movement” has become a trend greatly driven by the youth of the world. They are demanding that the environmental crisis that has arisen be taken seriously and responsibility taken where needed. A world where colleges and universities were ranked by academics, quality of life and cafeteria food has taken a backseat to the […]

IES “Apprentice” Challenge

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This year at our annual Christmas Conference, in amongst round-ups of the year, we crowned our very own “One Team” IES Apprentice. Each team had to come up against our very own Sir Alan, Nick and Margaret. They had 45 minutes to create ways that we could advertise for recruitment, there were a huge variety […]

Committing to Sustainability

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A high proportion of the companies we do business with are in the sustainable design community, aiming to use computer simulation software to optimise the building design, reduce the energy consumption and minimise the impact on the environment. So you work with the environment in mind, but do you take the same ethos home with […]

Obama’s Green Building Objectives

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As the dust settles from the recent US presidential elections, the US emerges with Barack Obama as the President Elect. He will be officially taking office on January 20th, 2009 and will start to move ahead on some of his objectives that he supported during his campaign road. One objective in particular is to focus […]

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