Happy Energy Saving Week!

Posted: October 22, 2008 by Kaye , Category:Sustainability, Uncategorized

Hello, In the UK this week The Energy Savings Trust announced that half of us would be greener if we had a bit more time in our day! To help us with this they have provided us with three useful tools to help us manage our time;

  • The first is an “Energy Saving Clock” which allows you to choose the amount of time available and it throws up tasks that you could complete in that time.
  • The other is the “Energy Saving House” that shows the savings that you can make in those all important pennies as well as CO2 emissions.
  • The third, which I think is the most valuable, is a new community site Britain Unplugged which allows people to discuss and share their ideas for energy savings, post videos and get hints and tips from their blog. Like an energy savers support group!

Also this week a bit of Display Energy Certificate spotting is taking place over at Building Magazine, after a disappointing start they have decided to encourage people to do their own spotting. A £20 Amazon Gift Voucher to the person who visits the most public buildings seeking DECs by Wednesday the 5th of November. Why not email sustainability@cmpi.biz to enter!

Energy Saving Week

An integrated design process is proving to be the key to achieving high-performance, sustainable buildings. By bringing all of the project stakeholders to the table at the early conceptual stage of the process, the team can set forth with a common set of goals. The result is that sustainable strategies are better coordinated during design […]

Taking it to the Streets

Posted : October 9, 2008 by Nicole

I had the great pleasure of launching what might be best termed a “Green Blitzkrieg” last month as we landed in 9 US and Canadian cities and over 70 design firms from coast to coast. Many thanks to all those who hosted us — we hope you stay tuned via When after I’m you. It […]

International Challenges

Posted : September 30, 2008 by Chien Si

This problem of making a sustainable world is one of the most challenging that the world has ever faced. Although a number of people still actually debate whether CO2 comes from anthropogenic sources, I accept that humans are indeed having an impact. Making the change to a more sustainable built world is going to take […]

Model Merge

Posted : September 16, 2008 by Craig Wheatley

I’ve got a workflow conundrum for you today: I’m using SketchUp or Revit and I’ve delved into the Full <Virtual Environment> made some changes to the Templates in the Full <Virtual Environment>. I’m happy with the analysis. I now want to go back to the original model in SketchUp or Revit and want to change […]

Map CO2 Emissions

Posted : September 12, 2008 by Craig Wheatley

Hi there, The FT today posted a map of CO2 emissions on their website. It gives a geographical and US state-by-state snapshot of carbon dioxide emissions and a timeline of major events in climate change negotiations. Really interesting to look at the per capita figures, there are certainly some of us on this earth using […]

The 2030 Blueprint

Posted : September 5, 2008 by admin

I was reading today about the presentation that Ed Mazria gave at the National Clean Energy Summit last month, it was really great to hear him pushing how important reducing a buildings energy consumption is as part of the mix required to create carbon neutral buildings. “We tend to rush toward the complex when trying […]

Welcome to very exciting times here at IES. Our new link to Google SketchUp, we think, is a real game changer and means there’re no longer any barriers for considering energy performance and the Architecture 2030 Challenge right from the very earliest stages of design. However, you can read all about the benefits of the […]

To Blog or not to Blog?

Posted : August 22, 2008 by Don

Well the answer is To Blog and therefore welcome to the new IES Blog. I’ve been volunteered by our Marketing Team to write the first entry. No pressure then. So what can I write about that will wow you? Well, I don’t want to do that. This Blog will not be about marketing, but about […]

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