IES Demo Models on Google 3D Warehouse

Posted: August 27, 2008 by Craig Wheatley , Category:sketchup

Welcome to very exciting times here at IES. Our new link to Google SketchUp, we think, is a real game changer and means there’re no longer any barriers for considering energy performance and the Architecture 2030 Challenge right from the very earliest stages of design.

However, you can read all about the benefits of the plug-in on our new dedicated web section. What I really wanted to point you all in the direction of is the example models that we’ve placed on Google 3D Warehouse. You can use these models to test and learn how to use the SketchUp plug-in. Find them on the Google 3D Warehouse site by searching for IESVE.

We’ve developed these to show good practice for creating SketchUp models for the purpose of analysis, and show examples of different building types and sizes. They demonstrate why enclosed

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volumes, which are required to generate rooms that will be used in the analysis, are so important, and much more…

I would suggest you take the models as a starting point and have a go at varying shape, form, massing, room layout or properties and maybe also try seeing the effect of surrounding buildings or shading devices. Our associated How To… and User Guide should help you along the way. Check out, how we have:

  • used opacity to describe walls and fenestration
  • set building properties
  • located the building
  • set the orientation using (Get View) from Google Earth

Happy Green Building…


To Blog or not to Blog?

Posted : August 22, 2008 by Don

Well the answer is To Blog and therefore welcome to the new IES Blog. I’ve been volunteered by our Marketing Team to write the first entry. No pressure then. So what can I write about that will wow you? Well, I don’t want to do that. This Blog will not be about marketing, but about […]

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