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We believe that much more needs to be done to mitigate climate change. It’s happening faster than anyone wants to believe. And buildings play a huge part in this. In fact, buildings are responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions – that’s more than any other industry. If we are going to save the planet, we need to focus on dramatically reducing this number. This is fundamentally why we do what we do at IES. We want to reduce the environmental impact that buildings have on our planet.

As Earth Day approaches, we want to help raise awareness about the impact that buildings have on the environment and why we need to take action now before it becomes too late. Recent political events such as President Trump’s reversal of US Climate Change policies means it’s now more important than ever that we stand together and fight against what we all know to be a very real threat. This is why IES are standing side-by-side with Green Building Councils and other like-minded organisations across the globe to do as much as we can to mitigate the effects of Climate Change. We recently signed a letter by the USGBC to support them in trying to save key programs run by the Environmental Protection Agency, you can too by clicking on this link.

Last year a powerful message from Architecture 2030 resonated strongly with us and is as relevant (if not more so) now. The message came in an article just after Donald Trump was elected as President and it said it was important to remember that we are far from powerless to continue to effect meaningful change, and that change had to happen from the bottom up and not the top down. It reminded us of all the great work that has already been done and this momentum will continue regardless of what is being said at the top. The following statistics were cited in the article…

“Worldwide, 533 cities are now reporting their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a 70% increase in reporting since the Paris Agreement. To date, 30% of these cities have GHG emissions reduction targets. In North America, 56% of the cities reporting have GHG emissions reduction targets, many declaring zero emissions or an 80% reduction by 2050 or earlier.” Read the full article.

In its 2014 2030 Commitment Progress Report, the AIA stated “Quite simply, energy modeling presents the greatest opportunity for architects to realize more ambitious energy-saving in their design projects.” With this in mind, a holistic approach to energy and performance modeling is imperative.

The IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) gives you the factual insights required to accurately establish everything from what building materials to use to reduce drafts and avoid overheating from the sun, to how best to right-size your systems, to dramatically reduce running costs, to how to reduce water consumption and overall energy demands. The key to our success, and the reason why tens of thousands of people around the world are using IESVE to make better buildings, is our ability to look at the building in an integrated way to pinpoint simple but highly effective things you can do to reduce your buildings impact on our planet.

At IES we think we should make every day Earth Day. As our Founder and CEO Dr Don McLean said, “Only by looking at buildings and cities as the integrated environments that they are – instead of parts of the problem in isolation – can we ensure everyone involved in the conception, design or management of a building gets to leave our world in a much better state than we inherited it.”

Let’s work together and do more to save our planet. We’ve only got one. Are you up to the challenge?

What You Can Do

Take advantage of our FREE Earth Day special give aways to empower you to help save our planet.

Have a look at our Earth Day Infographic for more facts and figures on how buildings are impacting our planet.

Watch our Founder and CEO, Don McLean’s Earth Day video message.

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On April 22, 2010, the ‘Global Day of Conversation’ engaged more than 500 mayors and locally elected officials around the world in separate conversations within their local communities on issues of climate, energy and sustainability. This Global Day of Conversation illustrates the commitment of millions to make the natural environment a priority for 2010 and beyond.

However, with the arrival of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the United States has failed to enact a comprehensive climate bill. The Earth Day Network insists Congress enacts climate and clean energy legislation in 2010.

On Sunday, April 25, Earth Day Network and partner organizations organized a massive climate rally on the National Mall, Washington DC. With the participation from thousands, The Climate Rally is a chance to be heard on climate legislation and tell Washington;

“It’s time to enact climate and clean energy legislation.”

The Climate Rally also featured live music from Sting, John Legend, The Roots, Jimmy Cliff, Passion Pit, Bob Weir, Willie Colón, Joss Stone, Robert Randolph and many more.

The White House Response
Washington, D.C. — On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Vice President Biden announces the selection of 25 communities for up to $452 million in Recovery Act funding to “ramp-up” energy efficiency building retrofits. However, more than $3.5 billion in applications were received for the just over $450 million in Recovery Act funds available, an eight-fold difference, indicating significant demand for investment in energy-saving and job-creating projects like these across the US.

The selected projects for a

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retrofit ramp-up are available by clicking here.

On a final note, Earth Day 2010 is a pivotal opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to join together and create a global green economy. Please get involved and let every day be an earth day!



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