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Are you ready for Greenbuild 2014?

Posted: October 20, 2014 by , Category:events, LEED, Modeling

As we gear up for Greenbuild this week in the cultural hub that is New Orleans, we’re asking attendees ‘Are you ready?’  

With stricter code compliance regulations such as Title 24 coming into place and voluntary rating systems  like LEED V4 and ASHRAE Standard 189 introducing more stringent performance based pre-requisites, it is becoming clear that the industry needs to be ready to use a performance based simulation approach across the entire building lifecycle.

Code Compliance such as Title 24 and DOE Federal Incentives, based on ASHRAE 90.1 and ASHRAE 140 mean that demonstrating compliance in more and more states now require a model based performance approach rather than a prescriptive one. At the same time, LEED V4 is putting much more emphasis on performance across design, commissioning and verification and becomes the new standard June 2015.

This year at our stand (#1509) at Greenbuild we’ll be showcasing how users of IESVE can use their VE model across the entire building lifecycle, from demonstrating code compliance through operation and retrofit. IES is the only solution to provide this one model appropriate for all approach, allowing you to achieve LEED V4, Title 24, M&V and Commissioning, all through the same VE model.

We’ll also be launching our brand new ERGON Cloud service at Greenbuild, allowing users to import, manage and interrogate real building schedules and use them in VE simulations. Find out more here and avail of the 20 free credits on offer.

And we’ll be presenting an interactive demonstration of our IES TaP for LEED tool as part of ‘To infinity and beyond: A tour of LEED® Online and other project team support tools.’ The session will take place in the Interactive Lounge on Wednesday, 11:00 am-12:30 pm. You can register here and take advantage of our IES TaP for LEED 2 for 1 special offer by emailing sales@iestap.com or calling 404.806.2018.

Check out our Greenbuild ‘Are you ready’ social cards below and let us know you’re ready by connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. See you in New Orleans!

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Taking the Stage at Greenbuild 2013

Posted: November 15, 2013 by , Category:events, LEED

IES presenting at Greenbuild 2013

When our team arrives in Philadelphia next week, they’ll be marking IES’s 10th year in a row at Greenbuild. In that time we’ve created a bunch of tools to streamline and assist the LEED certification process, we’ve covered 3 versions of the system {US, Canada and India}, we’ve

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become a LEED Automation Partner, we’ve been involved in the development of LEED V4, and our consulting team have worked on over 100 LEED projects worldwide. And just this week IES VP for North America Brenda Morawa was named in the USGBC’s 2013 class of LEED Fellows.

So this year to mark our 10th year at the show we’ve been selected to give two presentations that I’d like to fill you in on…

The two presentations we have been chosen to give are both in Greenbuild’s Special Set format. These sessions have only been running for four years, and are designed to invigorate traditional breakout sessions with alternative formats and new engaging environments featuring, unique stages, lighting and interactive presentation styles. You can see from the pic below that it’s not your average presentation format.


Taking the stage for IES will be Richard Quincey with his presentation ‘Next Generation Environmental Impact and Cost Analysis’ and Brenda Morawa and Todd Lukesh with their presentation ‘Next Generation LEED Measurement and Verification’.

Next Generation LEED Measurement and Verification {8 am, Nov 20 Wed}
Recent awardee of the USGBC’s LEED Fellow award, Brenda Morawa will take to the stage with recently appointed IES West Coast VP, Todd Lukesh to present to the audience on how you can leverage next generation developments in multi-dimensional modeling for whole building M&V assessment. Currently, the IPMVP calibrated simulation route to M&V is probably the least utilized – this session is concerned with this route and how to take it to the next level by using detailed BMS data across sub hourly time-steps.

Next Generation Environmental Impact and Cost Analysis {8 am, Nov 21 Thu}
Richard’s presentation focuses on the integration of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into BIM. With the audience, he will investigate how to incorporate disconnected operational and embodied impact consideration to provide holistic resource-efficient buildings.

The session aims to provide practical hints and tips and engage the audience with an interactive Q&A session where they will hold up green and red cards to provide answers to questions they would have to consider when undertaking this type of analysis.

These sessions won’t be your only chance to meet the IES team next week. Liam Buckley of IES will be presenting “Studio CaseStudy: BIM Interoperability to Design for Zero Net Energy” at the Nemetschek Vectorworks booth #3456, from 10:15am to 10:45am on Wednesday.

As a USGBC LEED® Automation Partner, we also have a presence at the App Lab table in the LEED Certification Work Zone, Room 125, 100 Level. You’ll find us there on Wednesday, 9:30 am – 11:00am, showcasing our award winning online LEED project management tool IES TaP for LEED and offering one-to-one demos of the tool.

And of course there’s always the IES Booth, where our team will be happy to answer any questions you have, provide you with some of our awesome literature or give you a demo.

So ten years on. A lot has changed. But as you can see from the IES schedule some things stay the same; it’s going to be another busy week as we take to the stage at Greenbuild!

IES TaP for LEED launched at Greenbuild

Posted: December 13, 2012 by , Category:IES TaP, LEED

The dust has just about settled after another hectic Greenbuild. If you were there in person or following online, it’s clear to see that this is the biggest and most anticipated green building conference of the year for a reason — it creates an energy and atmosphere that brings out the best in our industry.

If you were following our countdown to Greenbuild on twitter you’ll know we had a lot planned across the 3 day conference in San Francisco — presentations, workshops and manning our booth were just the tip of the iceberg! The most exciting part of our time at the show for our team was the launch of IES TaP for LEED 2009, taking us a step closer to automating as much of the LEED process as we can. There’s always a buzz in the company when we launch a new product and having the opportunity to present it exclusively to attendees at Greenbuild added to it.

IES TaP, our collaboration portal for managing Green Building Ratings Online, has been further developed to support LEED 2009. IES TaP for LEED enables project administrators to manage and track the process of gathering all submittal documentation from Charrette to Certification — allowing responsibility to be allocated to the project team for each individual documentation requirement. With seamless integration into LEED Online, LEED Online Forms, and the USGBC Online Credit Library, IES TaP for LEED enhances the management of the whole LEED workflow.

Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with our VE-Navigators for LEED and ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED Energy). These tools do analysis calculations and create the required documentation via LEED online.

Our aim with IES TaP for LEED is to substantially reduce the amount of time required by users to make a LEED submission, which will then hopefully have the knock on effect of encouraging them to use some of that time to make the building a little more sustainable.

After our 9th visit to Greenbuild, it’s fantastic to see IES and our peers in the industry continually pushing ourselves to bring products like IES TaP for LEED to the industry. I wonder what new IES software development I’ll be talking about after next year’s conference…

If you want to find out more about IES TaP for LEED and how you can use it to streamline, manage and automate the LEED submission process, check out our introduction movie on YouTube or sign up to one of our free webinars here.

Countdown to Greenbuild 2012

Posted: November 8, 2012 by , Category:events, Green Building, LEED

All it takes is a quick look on Twitter using the #Greenbuild hashtag to see that not only is this the biggest green building conference in the world, but it’s also the event that brings out the most passion and creativity from within our industry.

If the green building industry had an Olympics; it would be Greenbuild. If we had a Woodstock; it would be Greenbuild. If we had a Cannes; it would be… ok I’ll stop now, you get the idea.

There is a lot going on every year at Greenbuild and this year is no exception. To find out what was planned for San Francisco and to get involved in the pre-Greenbuild conversation, we decided to create our “DaysToGB” twitter hashtag. Starting on October 14th, we’ve been using the hashtag to countdown the 30 days leading up to the main event next week.

But what have we learned counting down the days to Greenbuild? Quite a lot actually! We know the USGBC is coming full circle by heading back to its roots in San Fran and it’s an ideal location as it’s a city with green building high on the agenda. We’ve learned that attendees are spoiled for choice for what they can do with any spare time they can grab (film festival, walking tours etc), and also that this year’s event has more fantastic seminars and presentations then you could shake a stick at!

We’ve also been using #DaysToGB to share what IES have planned over the course of the conference. At booth #1732S, we’ll be sharing our recent innovations and developments which significantly help streamline and assist the LEED certification process. As a USGBC LEED Automation partner, we’ll be launching our new online LEED project management software and showcasing our software solutions for automated LEED performance credit assessments and sophisticated LEED Energy Modeling.

Our IES experts are also taking part in a number of educational presentations throughout the week; you should have at least one logged in your diary:

IS04A – Removing Barriers for International LEED Projects {Tues 13th Nov}
B06 – Energy Monitoring that Provides Meaningful Data AND Value {Wed 14th Nov}
LEED Automation Partner Presentation {Wed 14th Nov}
D13 – The Ghosts of Climate Past, Present, and Future {Thurs 15th Nov}

You can click here if you would like full details on the above sessions.

So what have you got planned for Greenbuild? There’s still time to tell us using the #DaysToGB hashtag or alternatively you can comment below.

6 #DaysToGB

Live from the show floor – Greenbuild 2011

Posted: October 6, 2011 by , Category:events

The theme of Greenbuild 2011 is ‘What’s Next?’ It couldn’t be more timely for our company.

What’s next for IES? Glad you asked. Our Founder and Managing Director Don McLean was talking at the booth all day yesterday about our vision — a better vision where IES can impact not only the architectural market, but a range of markets — from VCs to manufacturing, etc. This is certainly an exciting time for us.

As for the show itself, this is the first time USGBC has hosted Greenbuild outside the U.S. People here seem to think this represents a big move for the USGBC in terms of working with other countries toward a bigger green movement. And the one thing that everyone here is saying is “Wow, Toronto’s amazing!” The architecture here is pretty cool, a mix of modern and metropolitan. A lot of glass buildings — and in a city that gets such cold winters, energy performance is definitely a relevant topic and good market for Greenbuild.

The halls are split this year — and very far from one another! (My feet can vouch for that!) The North hall has been much busier than the South hall, but the energy in both halls has been high. The show is packed, and that’s exciting to see!

Traffic at the booth has been very busy. We’ve been doing trainings which have attracted some nice crowds. Nathan did a presentation with Peter Doo of Doo Consulting and Ron Moore from Perkowitz-Ruth Architects, where they talked about the Brickstainable Competition and talked about the winning design. (We’re so happy to be involved with Brickstainable — what a fun competition!) The winning design had a zero net energy goal, which is fantastic to see!

So far, so good here in Toronto! For another perspective, take a look at Daily Commercial News and Construction Record’s first-hand account of the show — ‘U.S. Canadian green building councils kick off Greenbuild conference in Toronto.

I’m headed to the booth (2325N), so stop by and say hi today! And follow us on Twitter for live updates throughout the day.

What's NEXT?

Posted: October 4, 2011 by , Category:events

This year's Greenbuild theme seems particularly appropriate to us. Since our formation in 1994, IES has always been involved in the 'What's NEXT'. Back then, we took academic performance analysis thinking and technology, and created the first commercially viable suite of performance analysis software. Our expert consultants also worked closely with early adopters on its implementation and incorporation into the design process; helping to establish the backbone of today's simulation market.

It was our involvement in these seminal projects which really set the stage for us, projects such as; Heathrow Terminal 5 right from the earliest concept stages, and BA “Waterside” Headquarters near London Heathrow. Since then IES has attained a unique position in the global marketplace delivering world-leading analysis expertise to help produce sustainable buildings.

For almost two decades, we have been pushing the ethos of integrated design and incorporation of performance analysis right from the earliest new-build and retrofit stages as the route to achieving truly sustainable, low-energy structures.

Now as the sustainability market is starting to catch up with this thinking, I'm seeing organisations beginning to understand the value and benefits of the IES approach. Consequently, we find our role changing. Increasingly organisations are coming to IES to help overcome technical or commercial barriers in getting their sustainability products and services to the market.

Consequently, we find ourselves today still working at the leading edge of building science, investigating how analysis plays a vital role in cutting through greenwash to deliver measurable sustainability. Whether that is designing or analysing a product range, regulatory system, building or entire communities/eco-cities.

IES has been approached in this capacity by Governments, ESCO's, Venture Capitalists, software companies, product manufactures (both building and clean energy), regulation setters, voluntary rating system developers, and those managing large property portfolios.

So what's NEXT? I certainly see this as the start of a new age in the role of analysis in a low-energy, zero-carbon built environment, as well as in the role of our company. At Greenbuild this year I'm spending a great deal of time discussing these developments and how I think analysis will develop and change the future face of sustainable cities and buildings.

Part of this is presenting at the GreenTech@Greenbuild event this Thursday 6th October. This is an exciting new event organised by the USGBC and Regenerative Networks which is designed to increase awareness and adoption of emerging disruptive technologies that provide exceptional solutions for the building industry.

Featured firms were selected for the significant advances they contribute to green building, so needless to say I was excited by the invitation. Watch this space for a recording of my presentation.

Or come along to our booth #2325N and say hello. I'm more than happy to discuss our innovation and expertise in creating cutting-edge building performance analysis tools, as well as the supply of related consulting and specialist services.

Plus, you can catch up with executives from Halcrow, Doo Consulting, Perkowitz + Ruth Architects, Building Momentum Group and Ambient Energy. Who will share first-hand insight on analysis and integrated design:
Wednesday, October 5

1:15 p.m. — “Analyzing Double Skin Façades for Different Global Climate Regions” (Halcrow)
2:15 p.m. — “Early Conceptual Analysis of the Brickstainable Winning Design” (Doo Consulting, Perkowitz + Ruth Architects)

Thursday, October 6
1.00 p.m. — “LEED Energy & HVAC Modeling of Roosevelt University Vertical Campus” (Building Momentum Group)
1.45 p.m. — “Optimizing an Atrium — Daylight and Mixed Mode Ventilation on Colorado State University Engineering II Building” (Ambient Energy)

Read more about our activities at the show here.


This year’s Greenbuild Expo took place on June 29th & 30th at Manchester Central. The event attracted over 4,000 attendees which marked a 50% rise in visitor numbers from 2010’s event. Not bad eh?

So what is Greenbuild Expo and why should we stick it in our calendar? Well in a nutshell…

“The UK’s newest sustainable building and refurbishment event, an essential and informative event for the construction industry covering everything from training opportunities and renewable technologies to sustainable materials and legislation updates.”

Launching in 2009, Greenbuild Expo is an event still its infancy but these record figures represent the positive impact this event will have on our industry. It is great to see more and more sustainable building events taking place in the UK, and I also find it refreshing to see the green building flag being flown outside of London too.

IES were involved in this year’s event as Dr Sarah Graham; our UK Business Development Manager, hosted a seminar on day two in the Foyer room, where she focused on the use of software in the low-carbon design process, weaving in lean, clean, green principles. The session also looked at the difference between this and achieving compliance, how to combine the two, and how this all relates to the revived trend towards BIM and Integrated Project Delivery. You can view the presentation below.

So what will 2012’s Greenbuild Expo have in store? Well the organisers plan is simple — bigger and better!

One thing’s for sure – IES will be there (with bells on!)

I got the red eye out of Glasgow to arrive at this year’s Ecobuild exhibition a few hours out of its opening, and still feeling guilty about taking the plane instead of the train I entered the new location of ExCel right next to City airport (there really was no contest in ease of travel!). The anticipation in the air was palatable! What would this year bring? Would the move to ExCel work? Would the visitors come?

Having attended a similar show Greenbuild in Chicago in November last year for a disappointing 28,000 visitors (down from the estimated 40,000) we had no idea what to expect here…

…and WOW what a difference — in all honesty last year’s Ecobuild had felt stale and just a bit depressing, even with the 41,000 visitors — exactly like the market in general. But this year spring was in the air and optimism abounded.

Ecobuild has finally arrived — It has been called “the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment and the UK’s largest construction event of any kind” for a while now. However, this year it well and truly lived up to that expectation.  Plus, the international element was noticeably out in force with visitors and exhibitors from all over Europe and the rest of the world (maybe the close proximity to an international airport helped…).

In addition, the demise of Interbuild aka BEST was announced just prior to the show (for all you non-UK readers this was the UK construction industry’s behemoth show for many years). The obvious conclusion being that our construction industry is all about sustainability now — it’s the norm! An interesting problem for Ecobuild going forward will be how it keeps this specialisation and sustainable building innovation at the core of the show, while embracing the great news that the industry has well and truly changed its outlook over the last 5 years. Back then the show only had 500 visitors, this year an estimated 50,000 came through the doors!

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), I was stuck on our stand for most of the show helping to speak to all you lovely performance analysis enthusiasts, and consequently I didn’t make it too much of the show, let alone any of the seminars. My lifesaver was @PazzaArchitect who did a sterling job of keeping the #Ecobuild twitterarti up to date with live session tweeting. Plus GAB (Green Architecture & Building) Report has undertaken a fantastic report of the show floor. Check out all tweets with the #Ecobuild hastag for a review of the show and loads of funny pics ranging from the Dulux Dog to the Mr S&G Superhero at WhatTheHastag.

So what did we get up to then? Interest from the non-converted IESVEers was definitely up, especially in the architect arena with many seeking us out from among the 1,300 exhibitors. And for them we were offering a 2 for 1 special offer on our newly revamped VE-Gaia tool. If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate sustainable performance analysis into your design process right from the beginning this is the tool for you. Climate, LZCT, Energy, Daylight and much more…

Then on the UK Building Regulations side we launched our unique new guided VE-Navigator for UK Compliance 2010 for new-build compliance and EPC creation. Visitors were able to discover the time saving, facilitation and QA functionality it offers at live demos on stand. Plus, three new software packs from as little as £320 per quarter we launched to offer our customers a range of flexible DSM/SBEM & EPC solutions.

Our very own David McEwan was recorded talking about our presence at the show and plans over the coming year — listen to it here on Audioboo.

Then our very own IES Faculty educational series of free events was launched which will cover a wide range of performance analysis topics — book now if you want to attend places are filling up fast!! The first session is a Modelling Masterclass scheduled for the 21st March in London.

Plus Richard Qunicey of IES and Tristan Kershaw from the University of Exeter’s Centre for Energy and the Environment presented at the UKGBC Big Tent on the village Green on ‘Is Adaptation our industry blind spot?’ Can climate data help buildings cope over the long term? The Prometheus research project was covered to analyze how weather data lets you assess a building’s ability to adapt to climate change.

Phew what a busy week!! Finally thanks you to all for your interest, enthusiasm, wit and inquisitive nature. See you there next year!!

Another year, Another Greenbuild!!

Posted: January 14, 2011 by , Category:Sustainability

I landed back in the UK last month, and due to the usual backlog being at a show creates, the Christmas break, and to be honest it’s just been hard to find the time to sit down and reflect on last year’s show! So here I am trying to turn all those conversations and discussions into a cohesive review of our experiences at the world’s largest green building show where an estimated 30,000 people came together to learn, share, discuss and network.

Last year Greenbuild returned to Chicago’s McCormick Place West, the site of Greenbuild 2007 — but with twice as much space! If you didn’t make it along yourself, believe me the show was massive with an estimated 1,800 booths!! Actually one could argue too large. As an exhibitor at the show for the last 5 years we’ve seen it go through a number of changes; its size being the biggest. Last year was a turning point; instead of it being a green building exhibition it felt as large and comprehensive as any conventional building show.

Maybe I’m a cynic but when I see the likes of Vinyl exhibiting it feels like the specialism and possibly some of the value has gone from the show floor — is this a bad thing when we want green building to become the norm for the sake of the planet? Or is it just helping cloud the real issues with even more greenwash? Or greenmist?

There’s a show here in the UK called 100% Design that takes the unusual step of limiting the number of exhibitors and setting panel selection guidelines to keep the level of innovation and design quality high. An idea for Greenbuild perhaps?

Comment below to let me know your thoughts…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was a unsuccessful show, just that the volume of noise at the show which makes it hard to stand out as exhibitor must also make it hard for visitors to pick out the solutions of real interest.

However, on a different note, although I didn’t manage to get along to any, I heard the seminars were especially informative and inspirational. The show has ended but we do have an opportunity to watch some videos online and hear from some of the speakers that rocked the show this year.

So what did we get up to last year? Well with all the noise we’ve been making recently I’d sincerely hope you didn’t miss the launch of our ASHRAE 90.1 VE-Navigator solution which is designed to speed up and make LEED Energy Modeling easy. Also, not to leave out the Architectural market, we doubled the analysis capabilities of our VE-Gaia early stage analysis tool and announced a partnership with Trelligence to incorporate IESVE analysis into their Affinity programming and schematic design tool. Phew we’ve been busy!! You can see Don our founder and CEO being video interviewed about this online at Buildaroo.

One of the most interesting announcements at the show from our perspective was from the USGBC regarding their new LEED Automation program designed to link LEED Online with third party technology companies offering better collaboration and a more streamlined document submission process for users seeking LEED certification. Read more at Eco-Structure.

Plus, a first for us last year, we had a number of customers and partners spend their time with us on stand, presenting and talking about their experiences using our software and what we’re doing together. Building Momentum Group, HGA and Trelligence were all excellent IESVE sales people, even if not on the payroll!! While some of our key customers who have been testing the ASHRAE 90.1 VE-Navigator over the last 6 months as we’ve refined it were kind enough to let us know their thoughts.

Actually, I’d like to pick up on this point and say a BIG THANK YOU to them, as well as all of our valued customers who regularly wax lyrical about our products to their peers and give us valuable feedback that helps us stay at the cutting edge of Building Performance Analysis year on year. Oh and I mustn’t forget our highly skilled consultants who regularly push the limits of the software on leading analysis projects around the globe — 7-years plus working with Wal-Mart on their store optimization plan now that’s something to talk about if only we could go into detail!

To wind up, I’d like to congratulate the USGBC Leadership Award winners and Brian Wolfe of HKS who was the winner of our very own VE-Gaia competition. I blogged about it from the show here…


We Have a Winner!

Posted: November 19, 2010 by , Category:Environment, Sustainability

After weeks of anticipation and around 250 entries, we are happy to announce the winner of our Global VE-Gaia contest. The envelope please…

(Drum roll followed by dramatic pause)

And the winner is…Brian J Wolfe of HKS!

With the quality of entries extremely high, Brian managed to impress us with his

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answer detailing how he felt “VE-Gaia = Sustainable Projects.” Brian went on to explain the early sustainable analysis role VE-Gaia could play at HKS within its DesignGreen team, which he is part of. His detailed and lengthy answer showed he really understood how VE-Gaia could make a difference in his day-to-day work, and that he was ready to get going using its features on real-life projects as soon as he could. I’ve included some extracts from his entry below…

IES’s program VE-Gaia seems to meet the wish of seamless workflow by providing many features. One of the most beneficial features is the Energy/Carbon Simulation. In the discussions of what is important to reducing Green House Gas (GHG), some groups say that project teams should focus on reducing the energy demand. Others say it’s more important to focus on reducing the carbon footprint. The fact of the matter is that this is similar to, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”Â

“I believe that the IES feature Energy/Carbon Simulation would be of great benefit to design teams. By allowing teams to see how their design decisions can reduce the project’s carbon footprint, teams can better understand the project’s impact when compared to reduction of vehicle use, trees cut, etc. The reduction of the carbon footprint in turn translates to a more energy efficient building, hence energy efficiency.”

“By being able to determine the affects of the design decisions, teams will be able to proceed with confidence that the project is a quality project. For society to continue to enjoy the valuable resources nature offers and NOT compromise its future, project teams must develop sustainable projects. With so many different factors that contribute to providing a project that is sustainable, teams need assistance. Any program that allows the team to work seamlessly through design and sustainable analysis will not only provide that team a distinct advantage, but the team will have the satisfaction of knowing that it has done its part in seeing that the next generation’s future is not compromised.”

Brian has won a one-year stand-alone license for VE-Gaia, the company’s revolutionary architectural green building analysis tool. He will also receive a three-part training course for two people, with a certified IES consultant. The total grand prize is valued at $1,840 / £1,200.

Brian was officially announced the winner at our booth at Greenbuild in Chicago yesterday.

Many thanks to all who participated in our contest. The feedback you provided us is priceless. As always, we remain committed to improving our products every day to better serve you, and we also hope that you will continue to help us help you make our world greener, one project at a time.

Once again, thanks to all the contest participants and congratulations Brian!

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